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[MOD] _Hopeanuoli_
Hello. I just left staff and server but i came back because i realised mistake i made. I know that my applications never make me admin so i'm fine with mod rank. (But if ya want me to be admin i will accept.). (Seriously tpo and vanish are good for mods to stalk hackers, take evidence and punish.).
Nearly year and half time of the day i joined. I'm not sure that i will be chosen for rank, but i try. So i will present you my application.

Hi, i'm _Hopeanuoli_ or Hopsu. I'm 13 years old experienced server builder and good moderator. I'm very mature, but still my temper is short and i make sometimes mistakes. I have Asperger and i wear glasses. I like playing minecraft. I have a server at this moment. It's not noob! And i like creating servers, managing servers and moderating. As i said i have short temper. But i'm sure that i will help the server in anyways. Except illegal. So yeah. I have knowledge of many plugins as server owner and maker. But most important aspect is being fair, ethical, respecting others and being friendly. Rules are important.

I have big big history here. It all started at 10.2.17. I joined the server. Thankfully Xer1us was online. I talked to Xer1us. I currently don't remember any of it. Well later i got to the forums and i registered. Well there was only me and Xer1us. I found staff application forum. I wanted to apply for mod rank. Well i only got builder rank, but i was happy with it. Later i asked if i can build offical town to server. I got permission and i started working. I remember that i struggled because i didn't have gm 1. But later Xer1us promoted me to mod. I was so happy. I were many times disappointed with my builds so i abanoned them. I totally regret. I had happy life there and got promoted to worldedit moderator. I was happy. I also got to test massivetickets with Xer1us. I had fun. Yeah it was funny. But best of all is that i got promoted to forum moderator. It was awesome. I even got to ban people who were #NoReasonToRegister #MostOfThoseWereFloweristsFromPoland. It was awesome. So awesome. Well i got bored cuz nothing happened and if happened, i never got to be part of it. It made me sad. Sometime ago i left staff and server. But i came back now because i made mistake. And now i'm applying. HuH.

I don't know if this is good knowledge, but let's count.
Well i'am owner of public server. I have configured plugins, i have been frustrated my life off and i have done things that good owners do. I also have learned the mastery of creating localhosts for windows. And i'm pretty good with phpbb and mybb. It's easy to conf, set ranks, create forums and cats and manage profiles. Essentials plugin is EZ. But with core i only know how to rollback and inspect. But that's usual things to know about. And of course other plugins. Well it's totally about plugin. Punish plugs are EZ. But APIS and those. I get nightmares.

Well my own: Owner
Nightslash_network: Head Operator
EA_Network (Noobs steal copyrighted names): Co Owner
Soppalandia: Admin (Access to panel)
Wendainetwork: Helper

Sorry for leaving this too short. My previous apps will tell other things.

- _Hopeanuoli_ (YT:xLunalaXx)
-Forum moderator                                                                          

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