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minecraft version 1.13/1.14
Well, it’s almost here. The big ‘Update Aquatic’ is coming in Q2 of this year and it’s going to require significant time and effort to update the server.  I’ve done some reading on it and it will take the server down for a few days to get it done and debugged.  Or so it seems. It’s a required update because minecraft has grown and the programming needs to change with the feature set now available in the game.  All of the plugins will need to be updated to match the version.  So I may wait until I see that all of the plugins are ready before I pull the trigger on this project. It would be even nicer if I could run 2 servers but alas that’s not an option right now.  ANyway, stay tuned. I hope there is a way to keep the worlds and everyone’s progress. It would suck if I have to build from scratch.  Wish us luck ***

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