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Report Bugs/Modders/Glitches.
Hello This is fellow Mod BearMgGaming here, This is where you post bugs modders or glitches.
To post a bug modder or glitch just reply to this message.
Rules To Reply:
You must not post about a bug that has already been posted.
You must Include What kind of bug it is.
You must Include how it happened.

modders join minecraft every day if you encounter one reply by posting their gamertag what hack it was and proof of it happened.
You must not post a Staff members name unless they are abusing powers.
You must include what hack they did 
You must include their gamertag.
You must include PROOF.


Glitches happen everyday they are the same as bugs but they are rather less powerful.
You must include what happened.
You must not include a glitch already posted.
You must Include Proof and find an admin.
If No Staff is online just message us.

Thank you for Reading this.

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This may be closed. Better will be that they post bugs as threads. But no delete. This is good.
-Forum moderator                                                                          

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